Student Bursary Application

Zaccheus Jackson Student Bursary

The Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival is a highly successful, annual event that brings several hundred readers and writers together with authors from B.C. and across Canada.  A list of authors attending the 2017 festival, along with their bios and published works is available on our website: (under the heading “Authors”).

In 2013 a bursary was established to allow Comox Valley secondary school students, who are studying and/or are interested in writing, to attend this festival.  The bursary is now in its third year and it will continue as long as funds are available for it.  Last year three students participated in festival events, and we received a glowing report about its impact on them.

In 2014 the bursary program was re-named the Zaccheus Jackson Student Bursary in memory of slam poet, Zaccheus Jackson who was an author at the Festival and made an impact on the students who attended (as well as our whole audience).

Up to six bursaries will be awarded to secondary students in the Comox Valley.  Each bursary includes a three-day pass.  The three-day pass allows holders to attend opening and closing ceremonies, all solo readings and all main stage events.

If students wish to guarantee a spot in a half-day workshop, they may do so by paying a $30 deposit when registering.  The deposit will be reimbursed following the workshop.  This offer is limited to two students per workshop, but if it is confirmed that there is still space in a chosen workshop 24 hours ahead, students may register for the workshop via email to the Student Bursary coordinator, Keith Keller, without charge.

Transportation to and from the festival must be provided by the student.  All events are within walking distance of the ferry so participants do not need to bring a car to the island.

Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival 2017 Student Bursary Application Form:  Copy and paste the application form below into an email, complete it and send to:        Attention: Keith Keller, by June 24th

  1. Full Name and Grade:

2. School or Alternative:

3. Contact Information:

[a]  Phone:

[b]  Email address:

4.  Reasons for wanting to attend the Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival  (3 – 5 sentences)

5.  Days and Events:  Using the schedule provided on our website, please list each day, event, and workshop that you wish to attend.  (Please note reservations to attending workshops above.)

[a]  Thursday, July 13:

[b]  Friday, July 14:

[c]  Saturday, July 15:

[d]  Sunday, July 16:

6.  Application Deadline:  June15, 2017