Registration 2023

The 2023 Festival is Over - Stay Tuned for Next Year!

Please register for the 2023 Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival.
  • Please note that you can pay for the FULL FESTIVAL that includes all MAINSTAGE and SOLO SESSIONS
  • Or Mainstage and Solo Sessions can be paid for individually. (Be careful not to click both Full Festival plus individual Mainstage and Solo sessions!)
  • Meals are also available as vegetarian. Please specify when you are prompted on the form.
  • You can also sign up for the full WRITING WEEK or for individual workshops
There are a few options for meals on Denman Island. The Festival is offering meals that you can purchase along with the event tickets. See other options below:
  • Option 1:  Join us for delicious sit-down meals by our caterer Evan in the Back Hall of the Community Hall
  • Option 2:  Denman Island Guesthouse (located a short walk by footpath from Festival venues)
  • Option 3: Take Away (again located just round the corner by footpath from Festival venues)
  • Option 4: Abraxas Bookstore and Cafe (located next to Festival venues) has freshly-made sandwiches, baked items and coffee
With notice, we will try to accommodate your diet or allergy needs. (For vegetarian diets, please see prompts on Registration form.) Please let us know by July 1st by email to [email protected]

2023 Festival Registration

Register below for:

  • full festival
  • meals
  • single main stage or solo readings
  • writing week
  • workshops (there is a limit of ten participants for the workshops... to be added to a waiting list, email: [email protected])

If you see a "Full" designation beside one of the tickets, and you would like to be put on a waiting list, please email: [email protected]