Festival 2023 Registration

Please register for the 2023 Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival.
  • Please note that you can pay for the FULL FESTIVAL that includes all MAINSTAGE and SOLO SESSIONS
  • Or Mainstage and Solo Sessions can be paid for individually. (Be careful not to click both Full Festival plus individual Mainstage and Solo sessions!)
  • Meals are also available as vegetarian. Please specify when you are prompted on the form.
  • You can also sign up for the full WRITING WEEK or for individual workshops
There are a few options for meals on Denman Island. The Festival is offering meals that you can purchase along with the event tickets. See other options below:
  • Option 1:  Join us for delicious sit-down meals by our caterer Evan in the Back Hall of the Community Hall
  • Option 2:  Denman Island Guesthouse (located a short walk by footpath from Festival venues)
  • Option 3: Take Away (again located just round the corner by footpath from Festival venues)
  • Option 4: Abraxas Bookstore and Cafe (located next to Festival venues) has freshly-made sandwiches, baked items and coffee
With notice, we will try to accommodate your diet or allergy needs. (For non-gluten and/or vegan diets, please see prompts on Registration form.) Please let us know by July 1st by email to [email protected]

Registration Form