Last Day to order Meals:  Sunday July 9th by midnight

All Festival meals are in the Back Room of the Community Hall in the village centre.


FRIDAY LUNCH    –    $16.00

Asparagus Pesto Linguine

Salad of local greens, oil and vinegar dressing

Homemade Cannoli pastry and fresh fruit



Vegetarian option $20.00, Meat option $23.00

“Curry Night in Canada”

Dal, Vegetable Curry or Lamb Curry

Naan, Raita and Chutney

Served family style – help yourself, meet your neighbour

Ice cream Sundae with Chocolate or Strawberry Sauce


SATURDAY LUNCH    –    $16.00

Vegetarian Burrito

Brown rice, black beans, corn, BBQ yam, mild Mexican chilli, and cheese tucked into a wholewheat tortilla and served with fresh-made tomato salsa, guacamole, sour cream and taco chips

Dessert squares



Vegetarian option $20.00, Meat option $23.00

“Rainbow Saturday Night”

Be ready to have a little fun with a theme of anticipation, celebration and things “Rainbow Saturday Night”


For all meals, with notice, we can handle your particular diet or allergy.  Please let us know by July 1st, by e-mailing