January 6, 2024: Holly Hogan and Michael Crummey Readings

Holly Hogan and Michael Crummey Readings

Top Newfoundland authors coming to Denman Island

by Stewart Goodings

January 6, 2-4 pm Denman Hall

Two of Newfoundland’s most respected writers will be on Denman Island January 6: Michael Crummey, author of seven best-selling novels as well as six books of poetry, will present his new historical fiction “The Adversary”.

He’ll be joined by his partner, Holly Hogan, a veteran marine biologist, whose first book “Message in a Bottle: Ocean Dispatches from a Seabird Biologist” has garnered high praise from both critics and readers since its publication this year.

Crummey came to the Denman Island Festival 7 years ago and was a popular presenter, entrancing audiences with his tales of passion, tragedy, and hardship in his province’s fishing outports. “The Adversary” is his latest exploration of people’s lives in remote communities—their joys, fears, enemies and ambitions. His characters are memorable, and his depiction of the challenges faced from the weather, each other, and invaders is always fascinating.

Hogan’s book traces her own experiences as an adventurous researcher on the globe’s oceans, and she takes particular aim at the dramatic and harmful impact of plastics on the marine environment, including the habitats of birds and fish. She pulls no punches with prose that is elegant and heartfelt.

The event is co-sponsored by the Denman Readers and Writers Festival and the Association of Denman Island Marine Stewards, and will be held in the Denman Community Hall from 2-4pm on Saturday, January 6.  Tickets are now available on the Denman Festival website: www.denmanislandwritersfestival.com and at Abraxas Books on Denman.

This event is co-sponsored by the Association of Denman Island Marine Stewards

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