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One of the compliments over the years that so many of our audience members pay the Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival is that they actually get to meet the authors we invite to the Festival….. whether it’s over coffee, at a meal in the Back Hall, sitting on the grass in front of the Activity Centre, or having a drink with them at the happy hours on Friday and Saturday evening before the Main Stage events. When we talk about our festival as an informal and intimate one, we mean it. And here are three more opportunities to spend quality time with three of our wonderful authors this July.

Anosh IraniWORKSHOP with ANOSH IRANI, Thursday July 14, 2:00-5:00 pm, on the topic of “Real Character”
Anosh describes what is sure to be an intriguing 3-hours: “Chekhov refers to character as the ‘centre of gravity’ in a story. In other words, story emerges from character. So how do you create a compelling character? Literature is about the human condition. So how does one create a character through whom that condition is truthfully reflected? This will be an interactive workshop with writing exercises and some videos to illustrate what I am trying to get across.”

Anosh Irani is an Indo-Canadian novelist and playwright. He has taught creative writing at McGill University, UBC and SFU. His five critically acclaimed novels are The Parcel, The Song of Kahunsha, Dahanu Road, The Cripple and his Talisman, and most recently, Translated from the Gibberish. His plays include The Bombay Plays, The Man in White and Buffoon.

Jónína KirtonWORKSHOP with JÓNÍNA KIRTON, Thursday July 14, 2:00-5:00 pm, entitled “Writing the Sacred”
Jonina introduces her workshop by this quote from the poet Anne Hamilton: “One doesn’t arrive – in words or in art – by necessarily knowing where one is going. In every work of art something appears that does not previously exist, and so, by default, you work from what you know to what you don’t know.” She then adds this in her own words: As writers we stand on the threshold – sacred witnesses suspended between what we know and what we don’t know. Together we will lean into the limited space of ‘not knowing’ and explore ways to bring forth writing that can only come if we can learn to listen more deeply to the call to write.

Jónína Kirton is a Red River Metis/Icelandic poet. Her interest in the stories of her Metis and Icelandic ancestors is the common thread throughout much of her writing. Her books are page as bone – ink as blood, An Honest Woman, and most recently Standing in a River of Time.

Both these workshops are limited to 10 participants and the price is $70 for each one.

Libby Davies Canadian Author

DIALOGUE with LIBBY DAVIES, Sunday July 17, 1:00-3:00 pm, on How to Work for Change
This is how Libby describes this session: This is a group discussion on politics, lobbying, how to work for change, accessing the political system, etc. I love to interact with people and find out what they are interested in, and go from there. It will be an informal session, very discussion oriented. If there is a specific local issue people want to talk about, we can use that as an example to devise a lobbying plan.

Libby Davies is one of Canada’s leading advocates for social justice, having worked as an MP inside Parliament and out on the streets of Vancouver for over 40 years. Her recent book is “Outside In: A Political Memoir”.

What an opportunity for the committed activists on Denman and beyond to engage with an experienced former political leader and lifelong advocate for social justice! There will be a limit of 15 participants in this dialogue to enable the most effective interchange with Libby. The cost of the 2-hour session is $30.

Full registration details on these workshops, as well as all the solo sessions and main stage panels can be found on the website. Registration opens May 15. Don’t delay as these workshops will fill up fast!

Stewart Goodings
April 2022

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