MissSpelled12by Helen Mason

This year our Festival bookworm, Miss-Spelled – Jori Phillips – created a unique dress from the pages of a thesaurus.  As a writer might use a thesaurus to create his or her work, so Jori’s intention was to use one to create her art.  She roamed the Festival venues charming attendees who marveled at her meticulous creation.
After the Festival, Jori pIMG_4269ut photos of her outfit on a social media site, Reddit, and was surprised to wake up the next morning to 80,000 view, “trending” on the front page.  There followed a whirlwind of media attention as other websites got in on the act and Jori became a viral and global sensation.

She had interviews with Good Morning America, Glamour magazine, the London Daily Mail, CBC Radio and Television and CTV, among many other newspapers around the province, the country and the world.  Jori still has one wish – to be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

 Posted August 2013

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